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Feel free to use our printable material to inform friends, family, co-workers or other potential prospects.


Top referral members can Earn $200+ Per Day.

You could save $5000 per year in taxes.  When you own your own home-based APM referral program business, everyone is a potential prospect allowing you to save thousands in taxes every year.  Right now, you can sign up for free and be able to potentially save up to $400 or $500 in income taxes per month.

  Discuss business out to lunch or at dinner with friends or co-workers and 50% of your meal is tax deductable.

  Discuss business at theatre or sporting events and your expenses are 50% tax deductable.

  Travel is deductable. If you travel to meet a potential prospect, whether it be to a city near you or an island resort, your travel expense are tax deductable. Your spouses travel expense are even deductable if they are involved in acquiring a gold seller or referral program member.

  Vehicle mileage is deductible between home based business and place of meeting with potential prospects, whether it be a coffee shop, restaurant or a ten pin bowling event.

  Home computers, telephones, fax machines, office supplies, and office furniture are also fully tax deductible.

The only requirement from the Canada Revenue Agency is that you work your home based business as a business and not a hobby.

What constitutes a working business?

Calling prospects, meeting potential gold sellers, advertising or simply just telling people about APM Refining and our referral program.

It is important to keep documentation.

Documentation is crucial but very easy. You simply need to keep a day planner of your business related activities. Write down where you went to meet a potential gold seller or referral program member, who you spoke to, what time and where. It should never take you more than a few minutes per day to keep your documentation in order.  The example below would be a very full day.  Many days you might just send out a few tweets or do some research online at a coffee shop.

Click here to see an example of what your daily planner should look like.


Referral program Members


As a Double Star Platinum member, you can truly earn a very comfortable income. A famous quote can probably best describe what it is like to be an APM Referral Member.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, Confucius


The APM Referral Program can change your life and could get you out of your 40 plus hour a week routine. You probably don't realize how many people you know that have gold to sell. Start telling everyone you know that gold is at all time highs and that they should consider selling their unwanted or broken jewelry. Almost everyone is interested. Just give them your referral ID that they can use when filling out the online Gold Kit application form and tell them about the 5% increase they would get when using a valid referral ID. Watch as your downline begins to grow and enjoy getting cheques from people throughout your downline.


Advertise online, your local paper or make your own brochure. Within as little as a few months, your referral ID will really get out there. Think about what it would be like to start making more money finding gold sellers than working your 40 hour-a-week day job.


High prices guaranteed

Should you feel for any reason that we have not evaluated your items fairly, return your check to us within 10 days of the cheque's date and we will promptly return your items.


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