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Selling Gold Coins

Selling gold coins has become very lucrative over the past year as gold prices are soaring. If you are thinking about selling gold coins that you have collected over the years, make sure that you are getting the value that you deserve. Before selling gold coins to anyone, always ensure that the buyer is posting their gold rates. There are a lot of good companies out there, but you have to do your research and find the one that offers a fair price for your coins. If you have gold coins that you are selling, simply fill out our form on the right side of the page and we will send you one of our gold kits. You will receive a prepaid, insured shipping envelope. Just follow the easy instructions that come with your kit and we’ll make sure that selling your gold coins is a safe and easy experience.

What We Buy.

We purchase all gold and silver coins that are stamped .999, but we do not purchase gold plated coins. We also purchase quarters and dimes that are dated 1968 or earlier.  Some of the coins we buy include:

Canadian Maple Leaf
American Gold Eagle
Austrian Philharmonic
Chinese Panda
Gold Dinar
Many others...


Selling Gold Coins - Prices

Gold Coins .999 $43.72 per gram

Gold price per gram in Canada
Karat Price Per Gram Today
8K $16.88
9K $19.52
10K $21.60
14K $29.25
18K $37.41
22K $45.96
24K $49.85

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Today's Bonus

$175.00 Bonus on Packages over $500.00.
* No evaluation fees.
* Canada Post Expedited Secure and Insured.

You are secure.

Selling Gold Coins Is Safe with a Company You Trust


Feel Safe When Selling Gold Coins


Selling Gold Coins Is Secure


Selling Gold Coins. Guaranteed satisfaction

Should you feel for any reason that we have not evaluated your items fairly, return your check to us within 10 days of the cheque's date and we will promptly return your items.


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