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Secrets to Success

How To Get Gold Sellers To Use Your Referral Number

When you find someone who wants to sell their gold, silver or platinum to APM Refining, you want to make sure you get paid.  That's why we offer gold sellers an additional 5% profit when they use your referral ID.  We have made this easy for you.  Gold sellers will get paid a standard rate when they send us their broken or unwanted jewelry, but when they include a valid referral ID - such as yours - they will earn an additional 5%.  Be sure to inform sellers on how to earn an extra 5% and your commissions will dramatically improve.

How To Get People To Sign Up With Your Referral ID
You go to great lengths to sign up people under you in your downline and we want to make sure that you are rewarded for your hard work.  We have devised two ways to ensure that your hard work results in success:

●  Firstly, you need to inform individuals wishing to sign up for our referral program that they need to use a valid, existing referral ID (YOUR ID) in order to sign up for our referral program.  We do not accept new members to our referral program unless they sign up under an existing referral program member.

Note:  You may choose to have a person fill out a sign-up form that you printed from our website and then sign them up on our site, or you may just have them to fill out the referral sign-up form on our website using your referral ID.  This is up to you.

  Secondly, anyone who signs up using a valid, existing referral ID (your ID) starts earning a 10% Level 1 commission immediately on the first gold seller they refer to APM Refining.  Individuals who sign up using an assigned referral ID from us and not your ID will earn a lower, 8% commission on the first gold seller they refer to APM Refining.  Advise all potential new referral program members that they will earn an extra 2% commission on their first referred gold seller when they use YOUR referral ID on sign-up.

How To Advertise.
Here's where you can be creative.  Most of our referral program members do very well just by informing family and friends that gold is at all time highs and that
APM Refining offers the some of the highest payouts in the industry for their unwanted or broken jewelry.  Our more successful, more innovative members also use such avenues as online banner ads, Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, print media, seminars & parties.  It's up to you.  The more creative you are in finding individuals who want to sell their gold, the more money you will make.

The Greatest Secret of All.
If you really want to succeed in generating high commissions, you need to be a great teacher.  When you find someone who wants to be part of your downline, you need to mentor, train, lead & motivate that person.

● Teach your downline to inform gold sellers that they will receive an additional 5% when they use a valid recruiter ID.

● Teach your downline how to get new referral program members to use their referral ID during sign-up.

● Teach your downline how to advertise.

● Be an inspirational mentor & teach your downline how to mentor, train, lead & motivate the members in their downline.


Referral program Members


As a Double Star Platinum member, you can truly earn a very comfortable income. A famous quote can probably best describe what it is like to be an APM Referral Member.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, Confucius


The APM Refining Referral Program can change your life and could get you out of your 40 plus hour a week routine. You probably don't realize how many people you know that have gold to sell. Start telling everyone you know that gold is at all time highs and that they should consider selling their unwanted or broken jewelry. Almost everyone is interested. Just give them your referral ID that they can use when filling out the online Gold Kit application form and tell them about the 5% increase they would get when using a valid referral ID. Watch as your downline begins to grow and enjoy getting cheques from people throughout your downline.


Advertise online, your local paper or make your own brochure. Within as little as a few months, your referral ID will really get out there. Think about what it would be like to start making more money finding gold sellers than working your 40 hour-a-week day job.


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Should you feel for any reason that we have not evaluated your items fairly, return your check to us within 10 days of the cheque's date and we will promptly return your items.


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