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Scrap gold price per gram

Scrap gold price per gram is the nearly the highest in history.  We are offering the highest scrap gold price per gram in the industry and have a reputation for exceptional service and quick turn-around.

Simply go to the right side of the page, fill out our form and we'll send you a gold kit that includes an insured, prepaid envelope.  Just put your gold items into the envelope and drop it in a mailbox near you or at your local post office.  We'll assess the value of your gold at the current scrap gold price per gram and send you a cheque in as little as 24 hours.  We guarantee your satisfaction and will send back your items immediately if you are not completely happy with our quotation.  Check out today's gold price per gram below.

How the price for scrap gold calculated.

When calculating the value of scrap gold and jewelry, we must determine the weight of the items and the karat of the gold.  Firstly, we must test your gold for purity.  We check to make sure that your items have been stamped with a karat stamp.  We next used magnetic and electronic testing to confirm that the gold content matches the stamp number.

Secondly, we must measure how much your gold weighs.  We have a very sophisticated system for testing your gold.  Our weigh scales are accurate to 1/100 of a gram and are carefully calibrated to make sure our measurements are consistent.  We weigh each karat type that you send in to determine how may grams there are.

Finally, we multiply how many grams of each karat you have by our buy rates.  We take that number and issue you a cheque within 24 hours.


Scrap gold price per gram in Canada

Karat Price Per Gram Today
8K $16.88
9K $19.52
10K $21.60
14K $29.25
18K $37.41
22K $45.96
24K $49.85

Fill Out Our Form To Receive Your cash for Gold Kit.  Get cash for your gold today!

Today's Bonus

$175.00 Bonus on Packages over $500.00.
* No evaluation fees.
* Canada Post Expedited Secure and Insured.

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Should you feel for any reason that we have not evaluated your items fairly, return your check to us within 10 days of the cheque's date and we will promptly return your items.


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